Sunday, February 27, 2011

good start

hi peeps! february is ending very soon..which mean my in house exam is only 1 one month time left..OMG cant reli belief it

well, i'm quite excited today
cuz i drove to work! from my house to subang jaya
good start! mummy finally let me drive to that "far" alrdy==
yet she is sooooooooooo scared and worry..same to my sisters..wat theeeeeee
come on..i've got my license for 1 year plus alrdy
i'm kinda confident in my driving skill lo
i'm not worry n scared at all and what's the point you guys are so anxious??
but at least my daddy is my supporter..haha^^
he always encourage me and he say i'm good enough! gimme 5!! :)

anyway..nothing much to say
love ya^^

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