Wednesday, July 6, 2011


hmm..gonna work in operation theater in future. my first choice is ICU, and OT is my second choice. but frankly, at first i thought its okay which ever place i get posted to, but no, i'm wrong. in my heart i still love ICU more. i only knew it after i know i'm not gonna work at there, meaning i know how much i love ICU only after i get posted to OT. GAHHHHH >.< this is life. maybe you guys will say that: its still your choice! second choice some more, consider very good alrdy lo, at least its not out of your choices. true. there're some of my friends r becoming a C.E.O. aka customer experienced officer aka customer service. LOL. tats real funny. they got a big shock in their life when they got their offer letter. yet we keep on teasing them for becoming a C.E.O. man! hahahaha.. 
back to the topic. working will be fun i guess. but not the travelling part. i'm getting bored to travel from home to the hospital everyday. wake up in early morning to avoid jam, but still there's jam. going to work jam, coming home jam, sien dao bao! and my fren was telling me: omg, you've face it (jam) at this age! i was like..yea..what to do?  so juz accept it lorh.
this few days were jus general orientation. boring till max! imagine we sit in the conference room from 8.30am to 5pm! crazy man! although we got breaks in between, but still..listening talks is reli suffer. non-stop fishing. yawn n yawn n yawn *O*

bye. xoxo

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