Wednesday, October 21, 2009


beep beep-its time to renew
yeap, munlee here♥

went to sg wang with my shi ying today
initially my purpose was- accompany her to buy dress and i wanna buy A tee
at last, i bought lot of stuffs..spent me bout RM150
but frankly, i'm still not satisfied! i'm still hoping to buy more and more
OMG.i'm BROKE!!!
help...28 october pls come faster..i need money,i need my allowance
sob sob ;(
this is holidays..holidays make ppl keep spending
and..annual dinner is coming soon
so..gotta buy some more stuffs like fake eye lashes, mascara, and..
MASK! could i forgot such an important thing!! >.<
the theme is masquerade...i need a MASK!
oh no oh no...

*i pray..i wish there will be cash falling down from the sky to my courtyard tomoro...*

==" lame..
talking crap here..
ciaoz la~

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