Saturday, October 10, 2009

aquaria KLCC

went to aquaria KLCC on thursday
i want to go there since last semester
finally i completed one of my target
thx yi wen to accompany me =)
reli enjoy the "trip", haha.
the ticket is quite cheap. only RM20,original price is RM38
deducted RM18. wow! this offer is for ppl who is hving mycard + student
very worth.

click the link to see the pictures we took

each of us took 100+ pictures. haha
too bad we dont hv a some of the pictures r a bit blur =(
and cannot capture the sharks or turtle nicely, especially our cute face. LOL

i wish i can go melaka during my holidays.
or any other places as well.
i dun wanna stuck at home.




i wan i wan...

JM said...

wow, both of u have so much fun inside the aquaria KLCC. I wish to go there too~~~