Saturday, April 25, 2009

simple as usual

so long i never renew my little bloggie..
lazy to on9 actually..hehe..well,i'm lazy.
recently...still in clinical posting means tat practical session la
not bad..i've done injection to patient..hahahaha..very shuang~
n i get my cross successfully..yeah~kinda happy^^
one more week to go..
then i've to go back to my poor college for revision,then final exam is there waiting for me..
oh gosh...i never start my revision at ALL
how cruel if i failed my holidays u know..
better dun play play with it...hmm...
actually my frens should be coming to my house today..but then,
our ms.yang fong fei gei
2nd time already ar..
dun1 fren her already larrrr..angry now!!HENG!!
yi wen must be very sad..staying alone in hostel..
must sayang her when i go back to there.

nothing much to say...
miss all my frenssssssssss
hope all of them is in good condition now...
aza aza fighting!!

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