Sunday, February 8, 2009

wat a healthy lifestyle!!

well,i went to play badminton with my sis n cousin today.
healthy lifestyle~hahaha
i woke up at 1.42p.m (wow~so early)
after tat..brushed my teeth of course,then follow my sis went out lo~
tat time was 2.00p.m
i even didnt take my brunch ;(
play badminton with an empty stomach..
gonna exhaust..
initially we went to 3K..but then no court..fulled..
then my sis decided to bring us to another place which located somewhere in balakong
tat place is kinda remote...
then we play n play n play..
sweat a lot...its hot man..
but i like the feeling..
thought tat may be i can loose a few kg from there..haha..
wat a nice daydream :-S

my fren told me tat better dun eat after exercises..
will gain more weight..coz more nutrients will be absorbed
hahaha..just ignore it..
i ate a lot...darn hungry la..cant resist the attraction of foods~
yum yum~
k,i must be regretted on someday in future..

to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to becum fit & slim,
must eat less n do more exercises
i......totally opposite with it...


kanazai2001 said...


-_-!!!... 尔...

munlee™ said...

soli time to update week once oni..