Friday, February 27, 2009

im doin nothin

so boring...
tis week is kinda busy..
assignments are killing me
keep typing n typing n typing...
my shoulders r painful..
the result of STRESS+typing too much+insufficient rest time
but then i went to sunway pyramid yest..
haha..bcoz i wanna eat pizza hut to destress myself..(lame reason)

hey!guess wat??
i'm on9 using the wireless in my hostel..
finally..its functioning better now.
but its still BAD+WEAK+UNSTABLE

oh ya..i think i should consider to buy a LAPTOP***
i need it alot!!!
although its not tat useful when i'm in practical session.
ah jie..ah for me~
i hv no money...

k la..dunno wat to share summore..
i only know tat assignments r waiting for me...

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