Thursday, April 29, 2010

my brain cells died for this

i love sports recently, mainly badminton of course. i like to sweat a lot during sports. it makes me feel like: i'm losing some fats!! lol. btw, no matter am i losing weight or not, i'll still keep it up. i need a healthier lifestyle rather than staying in the room, facing the lappy all the time. =S anyway, still hoping to lose some weight~ feeling sick to carry so much fats on
the main point: i should eat less. m reli jealous those ppl who can eat a lot n even supper everyday BUT still skinny.some even complain that they couldn't gain weight as their wish..SWEAT. so UNFAIR T.T

went to smk seksyen 2 kinrara today to conduct a school health assessment. quite fun:) children now a day are not feeling scared to nurses, same to those standard 1 kids. all r little devil~ we gave health education about personal hygiene to them. a simple n short talk. i think we did give some wrong info to them :P lol..and we did physical assessment to detect abnormalities like kutu, skin diseases, anaemia... so far all of them r healthy :) but i wonder why some kid's hair are sooooo OILY! it was like they put some cooking oil on it.yuksssss...then i asked them to wash hair everyday. reli beh tahan.

with our lovely CI, ms. Chandra
giving health education
this kid is brave!
hey girls! what r u guys looking??

that's all for today. my brain juice has been dried up for this post.
i've got no idea what to blog about ==

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JM said...

sweating during exercie is enjoyable^^