Saturday, February 6, 2010


yay!! i've bought the tickets for SHE is the one concert^^
not RM138
coz the ppl say got spaces available at the 6th row, quite in front
n the seats available for RM198 are at behind..
so me n my sis were decided to buy RM138, which can oso save her money XP
not her opinion actually..i persuade her to buy the cheaper one~
feel sam tong for her la~to sponsor me n oso my stupid lil sis, who initially said NOT INTERESTED n yet she decided to go. CHEH always JIA JIA de XP
anyway,i PLAN to pay her back..eventhough not the full amount of money
but at least it makes me feel better~
so, from now on,i'll be getting more hyper n hyper towards the day of the concert
but i did mention the reason b4

today is my lovely laopo- shi ying's bufday!!!!!
love ya❤❤❤



thx u..
wish me with big big word...
hahaha..muaks <3..^^

tsuey miin said...

hahaha..i know ur yoga yoga!!