Sunday, May 31, 2009


today was a tired day
non-stop for whole day
i went to genting in the morning and went to yumcha wif my bff after came back from genting
darn tired man..but i'm still here to complete my assignment T.T
gonna present it tomoro
how sad..hmm..maybe..need some coffee??
no no no..i dun like it actually
i can still open my eyes n working my fingers on tis keyboard
proved tat i'm not taaaaaaaaat tired..just..low battery

happy-to-gather wif bff-chean n yuen just now
we reli can talking non-stop from starting to end,still couldn't finish
we're not only gossiping, indeed we talked lotsa truth, giving support for each other, sharing our life experiences...
we shared all the happiness n sadness
we were mad for most of the time
3 hours time are not enuf for us, we can even keep chatting for a whole day long
love you gals...reli reli much^^

one more happiness to share here
proudly annouce tat our selangor ksts seri kambangan division,
nursing adult n ambulance adult
had done their very good job in national competition 2009
they had made some differences
they made us proud!!
i'm very sorry tat i'm always absent for tis kind of moment
but i'm so glad to get the good news from you guys
NA is the strongest team ever!
my dear,u're the best leader!

k la,tats all for today
maybe will upload some photos next time~

good night, too.

1 june 2009

1 comment:

tsuey miin said...

whenever lai yuan is..there will always non stop chatting~hahaha..this is what i experience~
but u 3 really gud friends~=)